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Namaste! Welcome to our center for yogic life.  

Indian Yoga Alliance is part of an association of schools and centers, founded in Rishikesh, India for a medicine-free world. Here, you will gain practical knowledge of original techniques of yoga, including breath work, mantra, mudra, meditation, physical postures, and lifestyle therapies, to develop your complete health and happiness. We serve the community of Saratoga Springs, NY and beyond with traditional yoga practices in daily classes, courses, and therapy sessions. 

Ayurvedic Consultations and Healing Therapies from the 10,000 year old Indian science of holistic natural healing for the physical body, translated as "science of life" from Sanskrit.

Tools for complete physiological health for everyone, from the beginners to the experienced. Our yoga classes focus on Meditation, Pranayama, Asana, Philosophy, Anatomy and Mantra.

Reiki healing treatments in the traditional Japanese modality to facilitate a deep relaxation & restoration response in the physical, mental, and energetic bodies.


"Wow, what a healing, peaceful and welcoming place! I found the Indian Yoga Alliance one evening while searching for assistance with an injury/pain and am grateful I was able to get in right away the next day. Sajan was very in tune with what both my body and mind needed from this massage. I left feeling so much better than when I had walked in, the pain is gone and I am much more mentally calm. Sanjan is incredibly skilled at what he does and he clearly wants to help you to be at your optimal health. I’m looking forward to returning soon. Thank you, thank you!!"

—  Theresa S., Ayurveda Therapy

Are You Ready for a Cleanse?

It's the most wonderful, effective, yet safest, gentlest time of year for Ayurvedic Panchakarma to permanently eliminate stored toxins, correct elemental imbalance, and cleanse all layers of your tissues, elimination channels, and more.


Start with the Clearing Ama Quiz to find out

the correct level for your cleanse.

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