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Complete Ayurveda Treatment, 2 hours

60m Ayurvedic Oil Massage + 30m Shirodhara Treatment + Steam Bath

  • 2 hr
  • 200 US dollars
  • Gick Road

Service Description

Abhyanga Oil Therapy with Shirodhara Treatment and Steam Bath is a complete, balanced, deeply restorative, rejuvenating two hour full body treatment, including application of medicated oil chosen to complement your body's specific balance of elements in your doshas. Abhyanga Massage treatment (60 minutes) applies healing oil into the skin and nourishes underlying tissues, bringing deep restoration to the physical body as well as the energetic centers and emotional body. Oil massage softens deep tissues and allows toxins to be safely released and eliminated. Shirodhara Treatment (30 min) is application of a steady stream of liquid to the center of the forehead. This ancient technique simultaneously lightly stimulates and soothes the place between the eye brows, the meeting place of thousands of nadis (energetic channels) carrying Prana and information throughout the whole body. Shirodhara balances an over- or under- active mind, leaving the recipient with a cool, clear mental state. Shirodhara is considered cleansing and restorative for people of all constitutions. Steam Bath (10 to 20 min) is a traditional therapy applied to the full body, below the neck, to eliminate toxins from the tissues which have been made soft in the just-applied oil therapies of Abhyanga massage and Shirodhara. "Swedana" is the Sanskrit name for this ancient treatment given to create sweating. Steam Bath after oil therapy creates a gradual, permanent eradication of the aggravated doshas which are causing imbalance and disease in body and mind. Proper elimination, or detoxification of body and mind, is the emphasis of the Panch Karma Ayurveda Therapies offered at Indian Yoga Alliance. Abhyanga is given with therapeutic oil, chosen to complement your body constitution and balance the body according to the Tattvas (elemental qualities). Ayurveda Therapy is a 10,000 year old complete body treatment system which includes proper elimination, as well as proper diet, proper exercise, proper rest, and proper meditation. Your session will include an introductory health consultation with your Ayurvedic technician. To schedule a complete Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation, visit Cancellation Policy: For all cancellations and rescheduling, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. Every service is prepared for with the utmost care and detail.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, contact us within 24 hours to avoid cancellation fee.

Contact Details

  • Indian Yoga Alliance, Gick Road, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA

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