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Indian Yoga Alliance Yoga Training Certification This Pranayama Course is for students and teachers of self-healing Yogic practice, and is presented in two, 10-hour Modules (Levels 1 + 2).

Level 1 Module (10 Hours) sets the intention and pace for Pranayama as a Yogic practice: + Master the art of establishing your breath, + Learn how to unblock and balance your intrinsically powerful neurological system, + Develop awareness of body, mind, and Self, + Practice and Method of Six ancient Pranayama techniques, + Connect to the Vedic understanding of breath work, + Enumerate and Experience the benefits of concentrated, consistent practice of the exercises.


Level 2 Module builds on the knowledge, awareness, and endurance of the 6 techniques presented in Module 1. + Develop Concentration to reach fully into Deep Breath Benefits + Learn how to implement 6 advanced Pranayama breathing methods (12 total breath techniques) + Experience Constructive Support of guided private practice + Practice Instruction for your own Pranayama Classes (Teaching Praxis)


"Perfect consciousness is gained through practice. Yoga is attained through practice; success in Mudra comes by practice; through practice is gained success in Pranayama. Death can be cheated of its prey through practice, and man becomes the conqueror of death by practice." Siva Samhita 4.10


Module 1 ◆ Adham ◆ Nadi Shodana ◆ Ujjayi ◆ Kapalabhati ◆ Bhastrika ◆ Shitali

Module 2 ☉ Anuloma Viloma ☉ Bhramari ☉ Udgit ☉ Chandra Bhedana ☉ Surya Bhedana ☉ Agnisar Kriya


Course Instructor: Sanjay Dogra, Ayurvedic Therapist and Yoga Instructor Founder Sanjay is the founder of Rishikesh Yoga Foundation and Indian Yoga Alliance, where he has mentored and trained thousands of students of yoga and Ayurveda (Panch Karma) therapies and yoga. His teaching style is methodical and engaging, integrating ancient stories from Vedic and Himalayan life and philosophy, together with modern consciousness. His courses are unique for its style of delivery which includes a deliberate emphasis on the practitioner. In the USA, Sanjay teaches Pranayama in Elder communities for enhanced quality of life.


"Sanjay has a great insight into life through his spiritual wisdom and he applies this knowledge into his life, work and teachings, creating a holistic experience for anyone that encounters him. An authentic Yogi that experiences life in its all its dimensions and its a pleasure to know him and his work in this day and age." --Vallee N.

Pranayama Certificate Training

PriceFrom $199.00
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