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Mauna is the Sanskrit word for silence.


The practice of mauna often takes the form of periods of controlled speech. Such sustained silence is considered essential in the yogic tradition, as the understanding of that which is beyond words can only come from direct experience. According to the yogic text, the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, mauna is about training our minds, not just our mouths, to be silent. It is deeply transformative because it helps us quiet our thoughts and, more importantly, acknowledge the background of Stillness that is our True Nature.

Instructors: Laura and Sanjay Dogra
Date: 1-3 days of Your Choice
Time: 10a - 4p
Price: Per day $80 or $125 with Ayurveda or Reiki healing
- Space is Limited

Practice the deep gift of spiritual retreat into silence. Join us for a full day of guided and independent meditation, breath work, all-levels hatha and ashtanga inspired asana, mindful eating practice-- Ayurvedic, traditional Indian lunch included. Silence is broken with evening blessing and speaking/singing a peace mantra.

Option to add private, 45 minute Reiki healing treatment from Laura, to benefit your practice of stillness and invite additional restorative energy into the body (+$45)

Mauna 1-Day Silent Retreat

Preferred Day
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