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This 10 Hour Certification (Indian Yoga Alliance) equips you with Sanskrit mantras to transform the physiology of your neurological patterns. Mantra is the repetition of holy "seed sounds", which vibrate at unique frequencies to align the body and mind with the natural order of the Self.


The traditional way of yogis learning mantra, is for the teacher to present the student with a unique mantra for their use, which they then internalize and practice until the mantra becomes part of their very psyche, and as such, their way of life and own teaching. This is the true meaning and power of mantra.


“The glory of the nature of divinity cannot be established through reasoning and intellect. It can certainly be experienced or realized, only through devotion, faith, and constant repetition.”—Guru Sivananda


Students will receive a blessed Rudraksh mala bead chain, with 108 beads. The japa or "prayer bead" necklace is commonly recognized and used in many world religions.

Mantra Certificate Training

PriceFrom $199.00
  • Bookings close 12 hours before the session starts.

    Cancellation Policy: For all cancellations and rescheduling, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. We are a small studio and every appointment is honored with the utmost care!

  • Tel: + 5182261637


    Gick Road 3, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA

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