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We invite you to follow your inner inclination to develop your practice. Commit to growth and focus in on the power of meeting yourself on the mat, once every day, for 30 days.


Enjoy one class every day for any of our classes, including yoga postures, breath work, and meditation for 30 days, and witness your unparalleled transformation of body, mind, soul, relationships, emotions, general health, and more. 


Maharishi Patanjali, the ancient authority on yoga, taught that realizing the full meaning of yoga requires tapasya. Tapasya is a Sanskrit word that literally means "generation of heat and energy." Consistent yoga practice is tapasya, and benefits an individual to meditate properly, control the ego, and create a disciplined mind that will not accept the desires of the body.


It is important to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise programme, and to be confirmed to be in good health for vigorous aerobic activity. 


While there are many reasons to enter a 30 day commitment to tapasya yoga practice, our hope at Indian Yoga Alliance is that our students will commit to inner transformation and unification above all. "Yoga is the means and yoga is the goal." With the key motivation set, yogis can enjoy countless side effects such as weight loss, improved circulation, blood pressure, sugar levels, improvement of empathetic impulse, better neurological and immune response, deeper sleep, clearer skin, better memory, pleasant and consistent mood, and detachment from extreme highs and lows in the environment. 

30 Day Tapasya Trial

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